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Acting Audition Turns into Hot Fuck Session

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Jayden Ellis is having a really hard time with his acting audition in front of Levon Meeks. He needs to impress the young, talented twink but can't seem to perform. Levon agrees to give Jayden the part and help him with his acting, but in return Jayden must blow him right there in the classroom. Levon isn't satisfied with just having his dick sucked and bends Jayden over to ride him against one of the classroom desks. We're pretty sure Jayden got the part and loved the audition!

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Yearbook Committee Twinks Stop Working to Fuck

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Levon Meeks is irritated by Leo Page's inability to focus on yearbook committee duties. When Leo decides he will take a nap instead of working Levon simply refuses to let him sleep! Instead he jumps on the twink, undresses him and sucks hard on his knob. They stop thinking about the yearbook when Leo sits on Levon's knob and rides him until they both spunk.

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Vampire Ties Up Twink and Makes Him a Sexual Slave

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In this hot extended scene a Vampire (Rad Matthews) has Elijah (Levon Meeks) tied up in his Vampire lair. He wastes no time plunging his fangs into the boys neck, devouring his blood with dark intensity. Elijah is more than happy to oblige after this fateful encounter and a sexy, bloody blowjob follows. It isn't long before the vampire holds Elijah's hands behind his back and thrusts into him deeply.

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Student and Teacher Compare Cock Size

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Krys Perez plays a horny professor who's curious about the size of student Levon Meeks' joystick. When they compare sizes Levon is so turned on he can't help but give his prof some delicious deepthroat action. The naughty prof is convinced and bends Levon over to satisfy himself into his student's young, tight ass.

September 8, 2010 levonmeeks Videos 0

Watching Pornos Can Lead to Creativity

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Levon Meeks and Aidan Rayne enjoy watching gay porn movies to compare themselves to pornstars. As they are watching this porn video Levon feels challenged when he discover a new position. Aidan sexy emo looks stimulate Levon to prove he's way better than pornstars. Watch them revealing how a real pornographic scene has to be acted in this horny-making video.

March 19, 2010 levonmeeks Videos 0

Fuckable Twink Does Interview from Shower

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Levon Meeks is getting all cleaned up after a steamy scene with a brand new twink. He talks about him a bit and then gets on to the more usual happenings of his day to day life - school, ranch dressing, etc. He's an extremely cute guy that's confident and sexy. No wonder he's a die hard top - he knows just what he wants out of life!

March 14, 2010 levonmeeks Random Stuff 0

Lollipop Twinks Go On A Date

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You get to see these two hot twinks go on a date that turns into a bedroom romp. Levon Meeks gets pounded by Patrick Kennedy and rides him too. There's a lot of blowjob action in this scene and a lollipop is always in the picture. These two guy2 make a perfect pair. Besides that, they pretty much look like twins!

February 27, 2010 levonmeeks Random Stuff 0

He’s Jerking It To A Workout

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Levon Meeks and Krys Perez are in a house together. One is pumping iron in his briefs while the other is jerking it to the action. The two guy2 are both twinks but they like to work their muscles as much as they can. It's a little awkward at first but momentarily it becomes obvious what both dude are after... Hot sex!

January 18, 2010 levonmeeks Videos 0

Puppy Eyed Twink Gets His Way

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Levon Meeks is one of the coolest twinks ever, and he shows off his charm in this scene with Brendan Tyler. He's watching a documentary about wildlife when Brendan comes in his room. He asks him for a lollipop but Brendan is playing hard to get. Levon asks with his puppy eyes and he can't resist; he hands him a lollipop... And his huge lollicock! Watch until the end when Levon lets out a big jizz-load while taking Brendan's big fat cock deep in his ass!

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Levon helps Gabriel with His Tool

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Levon Meeks is lending Gabriel Kelly a hand with his car. He needs more tools so they head to Gabriel's room to try and find what they need. However they soon forget about the car and focus on Levon's throbbing tool. They fool around, kiss and suck each other's cocks before Levon starts pounding Gabriel hard. Finally, he puts the icing on the cake with a beautiful facial!

October 3, 2009 levonmeeks Random Stuff 0

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